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1、(JEP 286) Local-Variable Type Inference: Enhances the Java Language to extend type inference to declarations of local variables with initializers. It introduces var to Java, something that is common in other languages.

2、(JEP 296) Consolidate the JDK Forest into a Single Repository: Combine the numerous repositories of the JDK forest into a single repository in order to simplify and streamline development.

3、(JEP 204) Garage Collector Interface: Improves the source code isolation of different garbage collectors by introducing a clean garbage collector (GC) interface.

4、(JEP 2007) Parallel Full GC for G1: Improves G1 worst-case latencies by making the full GC parallel.

5、(JEP 2001) Application Data-Class Sharing: To improve startup and footprint, this JEP extends the existing Class-Data Sharing (“CDS”) feature to allow application classes to be placed in the shared archive.

6、(JEP 312) Thread-Local Handshakes: Introduce a way to execute a callback on threads without performing a global VM safepoint. Makes it both possible and cheap to stop individual threads and not just all threads or none.

7、(JEP 313) Remove the Native-Header Generator Tool: Remove the javah tool from the JDK since it has been superseded by superior functionality in javac.

8、(JEP 314) Additional Unicode Language-Tag Extensions: Enhances java.util.Locale and related APIs to implement additional Unicode extensions of BCP 47 language tags.

9、(JEP 316) Heap Allocation on Alternative Memory Devices: Enables the HotSpot VM to allocate the Java object heap on an alternative memory device, such as an NV-DIMM, specified by the user.

10、(JEP 317) Experimental Java-Based JIT Compiler: Enables the Java-based JIT compiler, Graal, to be used as an experimental JIT compiler on the Linux/x64 platform.

11、(JEP 319) Root Certificates: Provides a default set of root Certification Authority (CA) certificates in the JDK.

12、(JEP 322) Time-Based Release Versioning: Revises the version-string scheme of the Java SE Platform and the JDK, and related versioning information, for present and future time-based release models.





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